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Frocking around the Christmas Tree – Cheap Party Outfits from as little as £5
Knitted ruffle shoulder dress

The festive season, fun as it is, can wreak havoc with your bank balance and yet, the likelihood is you’ll still want something new to wear for all the social occasions. You don’t have to blow your present fund, though; there are some good budget options around which are still glam enough for the festivities.

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Ad Nauseum #8 – Coffee?

What’s the easiest way to keep people watching your adverts? Turn them into a soap opera, complete with regular cliffhangers….

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Six Easy Ways to Reduce your Weekly Shopping Bills

Food shopping is an area of the budget where many of us can make some savings. You can still eat well without wasting money or food. Here are our tips on enjoying your grub without going bust.

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Everything Under A Fiver – October 25
Halloween Theme by Petr Kratochvil

It’s almost Halloween! And what’s the best trick? Well, obviously, treating yourself to something under a fiver… okay, that was tenuous. Never mind. So this time around, we’re making it Halloween based, with everything being a bit more scary.

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Attachment of Earnings Orders
Attachments of Earnings Order

Mortgage or credit card arrears? Be aware that lenders are increasingly using a little-known clause in consumer credit legislation to squeeze money out of debtors.

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Ad Nauseum #7 – Good Things Come To Those Who…
Guinness branding

Guinness advertising is famous the world over, and has always focused on a variety of campaigns. The frightening thing is how many of them are good…

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Council Tax most likely bill to be paid late

A new study conducted by the UK’s leading discount website has revealed that council tax is the bill that is most commonly paid late by Britons. The results came from research into the spending habits of Britons and how frequently bills were paid later than they should have been.

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Ad Nauseum #4 – The Flake Girls
Flake girl in the bath

If we’re talking about famous advertising, it’s impossible to ignore cadbury. After all, it’s one of the most famous chocolate brands in the UK, and it’s been responsible for some very smart advertising back in the day. Arguably, none of this has been smarter than the adverts for the Cadbury Flake. They’ve been lampooned and they’ve been mocked, but they’re also remembered very fondly. And they’re absolute proof that sex is almost always successful when trying to sell a product.

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Extreme Moneysaving Tips #4 – Roadkill Cuisine
Animal crossing sign

So, last week’s column on living out of bins wasn’t extreme enough? Eh? Is that what you’re saying?

Okay, let’s try something a little less…pleasant. And before we go any further, your writer will point out that he’s been a vegetarian for eighteen years. And that’s his reason for not taking part in this one. Don’t worry, though – no horrible images.

But, one thing that goes on across the world is roadkill cuisine. Roadkill is exactly what it sounds like. Animals that have been hit or run over by cars. Which are then turned into a tasty meal. Or…well, a meal, anyway.

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Ad Nauseum #3 – Creature Comforts
Frank the Tortoise from the Creature Comfort Adverts

Time to discuss one of the greatest series of adverts of all time, although ones that didn’t work very well as adverts.

No, that isn’t a contradiction. Well, not much of one, anyway. You see, I’m talking about the ‘Creature Comfort’ adverts for British Gas, which were created by the future Oscar winning Aardman studios. Headed by Nick Park, they also created hits like ‘Chicken Run’ and ‘Wallace and Gromit’. The adverts won multiple awards, including Best Commercial of the Year 1991.

Did you spot the deliberate mistake in the paragraph above?

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